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easy to keep in touch with friends and family who are distant



Like anything Facebook has it's positives and negatives that users need to navigate and as the future unfolds and social media continues to grow and evolve it will just get worse. The thing that bothers me is that people can get so caught up in the moment they have no filter control and don't think about feelings of others. An example is in the case of fatal accidents or deaths and within minutes news feeds are alive with chatter about what has happened (sometimes this lacks accuracy)and sometimes this happens before family has been able to be fully informed so they hear about it via Facebook. I just wish people could be a little more considerate of the feelings of family and wait before posting or refrain from commenting until they are sure of the facts.



I don't like the way that you might have just been on google looking at something or on trade me or what ever site. then you go on Facebook and all of a sudden there are ads all down the side all about the very thing you were just looking at on google or wherever... geeez is Big Brother watching or what?!?!?


Kiwi Gas

Has Facebook had its day? Probably not, but it will be interesting to see if it's still considered relevant in ten year's time.



Facebook has made people lazy! People run their lives on facebook, statuses, photos etc. Theres no need for big brother anymore, you have Facebook!



too easy to post stuff then regret it later


New Member

I thought Facebook had improved somewhat, without being blocked. The only bad thing is I can't stay off it! lol :)


M Cheryl

You have never needed Face Book to get caught out (sickies and go to a sports arena or night clubbing after a sick day off) Girls and Guys got caught out through TV coverage, in the sixties and did the walk of shame going back to work the next week Haha.



Good for keeping in touch with friends, but can just suck all your free minutes away!



Facebook is bad for many reasons but yet everyone continues to use it, lots of keyboard warriors too.

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