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Christchurch Draft City Plan

What are your thoughts?



Its fantastic to see the positive outlook and planning considering all they've gone thru. i think its an awesome opportunity to redesign a city and introduce all the things we wish for our own home patch.
Great design may well inspire people to shift back.



Well I wish them all the best. I like the idea of pedestrianising swathes of the centre, especially around the river. It's always been a beautiful part of the city and deserves to be flaunted. Not so sure that the restriction of 7 stories high in the interest of perceived safety though. I'm still pretty sure that 7 stories falling on me would hurt.
And now of course comes the news of yet another quake (aftershock?) this morning. 5.9 must be serious enough to start the worry off all over again.



I still think my idea for a central city is awesome, but I can't be bothered promoting it at this point. Not necessarily for Christchurch, I think their idea is great considering they are The Garden City, but more for Hamilton, which is the city of nothing at the moment. Except for the Hamilton Gardens, which is awesome in that there are all different cultures represented, right? Well, my idea is to extend that same theme throughout the central city. Have a Little Italy themed street, Chinatown, Beverly Hills, Old London, etc. It would be something that would draw locals to town, and tourists to the city. And, on a purely personal selfish level, if it was done right, there would be some awesome sets for filming my movies right in my back yard.



Im a Chch dweller but I fully love the Hamilton Gardens, every time I go up there I drag whichever friends Im with, at first they are all like ugh gardens really, until you see them, can easily spend hours taking photos and just being there.

I like the idea of a 'greener' city centre than we have had, the awful grey tiles in the square, Im gutted the ugly 'cone' didnt fall down. But green, making more of a feature of the river, more tourist and people friendly in the centre, and the best idea is an earthquake visitors centre/memorial building, the guy in The Press last week making tiles out of liquifaction is a pretty unique way to use up the mess to create something really meaningful, perhaps sandblasting the names of those we lost on a tile made from liquifaction would be a pretty tribute, before and after photos so we can take our grandchildren (years away for all of us Im sure) and show them the city we grew up in, geological exhibits etc.


Not a bad idea. My first thought for Christchurch was to build a new low rise city close by for the residents, and turn Christchurch itself into a giant movie set. Movie makers would come from all over the world. Even Hamilton!


Bonita - I've always really wanted to get a big polystyrene ball and place it in the top of the chalice like an ice cream :)

Jason - words can not express how much I would like to make a movie in Christchurch right now.


Do it! What's stopping you?


Most probably the cordon xD But yes, a film in Christchurch would be awesome. If you end up doing it, I'd be happy to be Unit or anything on it!


Yes, pretty much the cordon. And by the time it's down a lot of the best sets will be empty lots.

Unless you were talking about my ice cream chalice idea, and the problems there are two fold. Where to get the polystyrene, but more, how to get it up there. Maybe 3 fold, I'm assuming it's also on the wrong side of the cordon.



There's already a little LA in your own backyard and it's up for sale....



Well, not the LA I know...


Mmm, no thanks.



whoops i mean't california


Well, not the California I know...



Light rail???? Will it be used enough to ever recover the costs, sure nows the time to be thinking about it, but make sure it will work long term, is it only going to Canterbury uni, I would of thought going right out to Rolleston in the West would be the answer and to New Brighton to the East.



nah . no good. unfortunately CHCH's population is fading and as the earthquakes/aftershocks are still happening, I think the money spent on the plan is just wallpapering over the cracks.
You'll have to keep spending cash to fix up the city after every new earthquake.

Move the CBD to another part of CHCH.



Yeah the CBD plans lpook great, but 'prettyboy' has a point. Things should not be implemented untill the aftershocks have been absent for a 12 month period, otherwise they will keep taking steps in the wrong direction. While I get that positivity is all about moving forward, there has to be some common sense.

I'm just glad that I don't live in Christchurch. It'd wreck my nerves.



I wonder if you could build the entire CBD on top of a giant metal plate. Let the earth move beneath it but keep the surface intact...

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