Discussing :: Accommodation needed in Tauranga next weekend for the cleanup...


Accommodation needed in Tauranga next weekend for the cleanup...

I've volunteered to help clean up the mess down there. I'm looking for accommodation for Friday and Saturday nights. Can anyone help? Happy to sleep in my tent, so even a spot of grass would be good...



I'm toying with the idea of going too, maybe we should do a GetFrank clean up the beach promotional tour.



Great idea. Anyone else prepared to get off their arses and to something to help? I dare you to make a difference! You'll need to call 0800 645 774 and register of course....


Or register here http://www.boprc.govt.nz/oilspillvolunteers/



What are we? A freakin' tag team?



Ok, so here's the deal... over 16, own gumboots (preferably), fit and healthy, prepared to work 4 hour shifts... if you have experience in hazchem, catering, volunteer management, group management, wildlife, then you'll be in demand.


4 hour? I read 8 hour shifts.


It's just been reduced because of the fumes... I think I can get hold of vapour masks from my brother, they take out the solvent from the air. Undoubtably it's not going to be glamorous.


Oh, honey, it will be glamourous just by virtue of me being there.



Just a word of caution- this 380 centistoke bunker fuel is the lowest of the low when it comes to maritime fuels- ensure you have adequate PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) to avoid inhalation of air borne particles and fumes (caused by wind and warmth and agitation from the surf) ingestion or absorbtion- often these fuels have not been cleaned to an acceptable standard. Face masks (filters) gumboots gloves and some type of overall should be mandatory. Hydrocarbons are by their very nature toxic to biological organisms so take care........


I'm glad you said that WingerGee because I look FREAKIN' HOT in overalls!

Okay, sorry, I'm getting carried away.



Whoa !! You are one fast lady !! I just get hot in overalls- something to do with the Kevlar/Polyester mix. Seriously, a huge and demanding task awaits those who volunteer.......you are all to be commended.......we have the Marsden Pt Oil Refinery up this way and see huge 100,000 tonne plus international oil tankers sitting in lovely Bream Bay......to see the scope of the disaster unfolding in the beautiful Bay of Plenty......cue: sadness :( :( :(


Thank you. Had to do something. Still room for you to join us!



Much respect!



Yet again I can't find the most appropriate place to post this (we were talking about NZ's clean green image) so here it is... (wait, maybe that conversation was on facebook...)


No I think it was here... just your search skills again. Great pic though.



They're started clean up teams in Whakatane now.


Yep and I have heard that they have held a meeting in Gisborne as well.....

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