Winter Sex Tips

Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson is the brains and attitude behind the playful adult toy website sexgear . She is also our official ‘sexpert’.

Winter is well and truly here and at this time of year it can be difficult for some women to find the motivation to strip off and brave the cold, even when sex is a sure bet. So raise her temperature – and libido - with these winter sex tips.

1. Stoke the fire

If you have a fire, demonstrate your masculinity and stoke it up in preparation for a night of heated passion! The romantic mood will be set with the crackling wood and warmth of the flames; the cold weather outside will be forgotten and, with any luck, she will melt into your arms.

If you don’t have a fire then set the mood with plenty of tealights or candles, although they won’t generate the heat, they will create the impression of a warm and cosy atmosphere.

2. A heated massage

If you want to instantly loosen your lady up this winter then offer her a massage with a difference. Place an unopened bottle of massage oil in a bowl of hot water for three to five minutes and then, after testing the temperature on the inside of your arm, pour it straight onto her back and bottom, watch her writhe with pleasure as you rub the warm liquid over her body.

3. Candle play


For the more adventurous couples, candle-play can be a mid-winter treat. Dripping hot wax onto your partner’s skin will sensitise it so your touch will feel twice as nice. Use Japanese Dripping Candles and make sure you drop small amounts of molten wax from a height of at least 18 inches so it has time to cool before reaching the skin.

4. Warming lube

Once the clothes are off, use a warming lubricant to keep the goose bumps away! On contact with the skin these lubricants create a warming sensation that heightens sensitivity, turning your touch into a much more stimulating experience! A trick is to blow on the skin where it has been applied to make the heated feeling even more intense.

5. Wet n’ wild

The bath is a great place for a little winter loving, the water will warm you up and there are plenty of fun, sexy things to do while you are in the tub. For example, you could play with toys – and I don’t mean a rubber ducks! You can get waterproof vibrators in all different shapes and sizes so there is no excuse for bath time boredom!

Alternatively you could give your partner and arousing head massage - slide in the bath behind her, use hair conditioner to lather up her scalp and then spend 10 minutes or so massaging her head with both firm circular strokes and light scratches. When she's ‘warmed up’, feel free to move your hands further south.

The only problem bath time fun is that water washes away the body’s natural lubricants. So to stay slippery when wet use a silicone based lubricant.

6. Sexercise

One of the best ways to say warm is to get active, so instead of sticking to low energy sex positions, heat things up by trying out positions that work out your muscles. Kneeling positions are good for keeping both of you active, for example, try kneeling behind your partner and lean back slightly, have your partner kneel in front of you with her back to you. Her legs should go between yours, squeeze you bodies together tightly and wrap your arms around her waist. Once you are inside of her she can then move up and down or you can move your hips in tandem. Stop for breaks when you get to hot or tired.

So there you have it – six ways to help you and your lover keep the heat turned up and beat the winter blues!

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  • Bangbug says
    1: She expects a damn fire every night, nothing special there.
    2: Sex with a sleeping person is fine for teenagers.
    3: hey I just wanna drip this molten wax on your....stop hitting me
    4: Do you know how many people are TOO sensitive to that?
    5: Can I use your bath? Mine isn't big enuf for two
    6: Oh sure, if i can get around the above 5 Obstacles.

    I have an addition:
    #7 Get her boozed. She'll feel WARM and HORNY!
    • Priyank says
      Great tips Sarah..Just what we wanted to know!! Thanks
    • I recommend rolling around a sheepskin rug.
    • Marley says
    • Vishaka says

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