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While we have a certain Mr Grey to thank for bringing spanking out of the shadows, it’s still considered a little taboo by many. Misconceptions about spanking being the trademark of your local dominatrix leave many believing that this erotic expression is a punishment, rather than the pleasurable and exciting encounter it can be. All you need is a few pointers.

Why would I want to spank…? Or be spanked?

I guess the question many of you are asking is why would I want to spank, or be spanked for that matter? There are many reasons why people enjoy spanking so much. Some love to spank to feel dominant, others like to feel dominated and many do it just because it almost seems natural in the heat of the moment. It is also a great starting point for those wanting to dip their toes into the world of BDSM as it is generally risk free and you are unlikely to suffer any long term pain. All you need is a willing hand, momentum and a buttock or two. Of course, the inclusion of a few trusty impact toys can make it all the more fun too.

A little pre-match prep.

1. If you are the spanker remove your jewellery – we want your hand imprinted on our butts, not your ring.

2. Focus your strikes on the lower, meatier part of the cheeks and upper thighs – not near the tailbone.

3. Find a position that you both feel comfortable with. A great starting position for first timers is the spanker sitting on the edge of the bed, feet on the floor, with the spankee lying face down across their body with their booty up.

Start slow...

Spanking isn’t about leaving your partner with a smarting pink butt cheek; it’s about exploring the spectrum of sensation with each other, from the prickly heat of a light slap to the tickling of a tongue trailing across your soft bottom. The contrast between varying stimulations serves to intensify each touch and tickle while the unexpectedness builds anticipation and excitement. You might like to start your spanking session by lightly running your fingertips over your partner’s bottom, or gently dragging your nails from the crease of the thigh to the small of the back. For added pleasure, vary the way you stimulate each butt cheek, tickle one cheek while you place a full palm of pressure on the other.

Technique is everything...

Technique is what differentiates intimate, erotic spanking from an unpleasant punishment. The key to delivering a sexy sensation is to cup your hand slightly and keep your fingers close together. Then, ensuring you’re directing your hand towards the fleshiest part of your partner’s bum, gently spank in a slightly upward motion (much more pleasurable than a downward stroke.) As soon as you’ve made contact, massage the area for 10 seconds to allow your partner the delight of contrasting sensations. If you’re both enjoying this exploration, you can continue giving little spanks, following up each time with a different soothing sensation like kisses, feathery tickles or even a slow and sexy lick.

Implements anybody?

Quite literally, spanking play can mean different strokes for different folks. While some couples prefer to keep things au natural, others will enjoy the introduction of new toys to explore different textures and materials as they advance through the realm of spanking pleasures.

A paddle is generally short, squat and easy to control and come in a variety of materials to suit your every spanking need. Whether it is leather, suede, wood or even furry, it will deliver a different feel and sensation. This Strict Leather paddle is a great option for beginners to this type of adult toy as it has a soft furry side to begin with and a firmer leather side for when play heats up.

Whips and floggers are another popular option, although they are suited to more experienced spankers as they are harder to control and will take a little practice to get the motion right. I suggest practicing against the back of a chair a few times first so as to get the movement right and have control over the whip. Have a look at the Cat Tails Suede Flogger which features short, soft lengths of suede that are easy to control.

For the more advanced spanker and spankee a crop is an awesome sex toy for inducing lots of pleasure and a fair bit of pain for those that like it. This Fetish Fantasy Beginners Crop is a great starting point that is not too pricey for those that are unsure whether such a utensil is for them.

Sex is about activating and stimulating the senses and a little gentle spanking can be a great technique to explore new ways of intimate touch with your partner.

So whether you are new to spanking, or are a seasoned pro, we would love to read your comments below.

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