Sex With Blindfolds

Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson is the brains and attitude behind the playful adult toy website sexgear . She is also our official ‘sexpert’.

Blindfolds for Beginners blindfold can increase sexual tension and magnify arousal; because when one your senses is lost all of the other senses become heightened to compensate. There is more to sex with blindfolds than you might imagine, so read on to find out how you can use these sexual aids to spice up your relationship.

Food Foreplay

The use of blindfolds doesn’t have to be overtly sexual, so if you are trying to persuade a partner to step outside of your love-making routine, a good place to start is outside of the bedroom. Blindfold her, or have her blindfold you and surprise each other’s taste buds with all kinds of yummy treats; like strawberries, honey or chocolate. Just avoid the temptation to slip something nasty in her mouth, like a chilli, if you want the fun to carry on in the bedroom afterwards.

Blindfolds in the Bedroom

Once you have built up a level of trust you can move the fun and games into the bedroom. If your partner is wearing the blindfold; undress her and then begin caressing her hands, toes, legs, back, stomach, face, neck, breasts and genitals. Experiment with the pressure of your touch and tease your partner by pausing before touching her again in an unexpected place – moving from one part of her body to another.  Allow you lips to trace the lines of her body, kissing and licking as you move down towards her vagina. This is an intense form of foreplay, because she can't see what you're doing, which makes her anticipation that much more powerful.

She doesn’t have to be a passive partner, why not let her explore your body, smell the scent of your body or taste the flavour on your skin. This will allow her to focus all of her other senses. Or if you would prefer to be the submissive partner then reverse the roles and let her tie the blindfold on you.  Then prepare to experience amazing sensations – when you can’t see what she is doing the feel of her hands or mouth on your skin is magnified two-fold and can be mind-blowing.

Inhibitions tend to diminish somewhat when people wear blindfolds and that is especially true for the unmasked partner, because they know that their facial expressions, movements or the parts of their body that they are self-conscious about can’t be seen. So to try something even more adventurous or liberating, why not both wear blindfolds?

Handy Household Items

Experimentation with blindfolds can be relatively spontaneous. You don’t have to plan it out in advance or buy a special blindfold. Instead, you can use things that you already have around the house like your ties, her scarves or anything else that can cover your eyes adequately.

A simple blindfold can result in an amazing level of arousal, so find that tie or scarf and enjoy!

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  • bazjean says
    Sex with a blindfold is fantastic! Just try it before you judge it. But if you're both going to try blindfolds, make sure you talk before you move otherwise you'll bang heads!
  • Boks says
    Cool,good one baz,I would really like to see what i'm getting up too !1 Ha ha
  • TTT says
    Blind leading the blind. Getting it in wrong hole could cause major problems.
    • shiny says
      Major tom to brown control.... stars look very different today
    • DeeDee says
      ....anything that enhances the fun in the bedroom that is mutually agreed is always a plus in my opinion.....

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