How to Give Multiple Orgasms

Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson is the brains and attitude behind the playful adult toy website sexgear . She is also our official ‘sexpert’.

The clitoris, it’s the indisputable powerhouse of the female orgasm. It has  twice as many nerve endings as the penis and has the enviable ability to produce multiple orgasms – so long as you know what to do with it. Read on for top tips on how to give your girl multiple orgasms.


Ladies First

Be a gent and postpone your pleasure for your partner. Most women need a reasonable amount of foreplay in order to climax. And the clitoris is extremely sensitive and needs to be properly prepped for serious stimulation. So if you want to give your partner multiple orgasms you know what you have to do – aim for at least 20 minutes of foreplay. You’ll find that a little old-fashioned chivalry goes a long way in the bedroom!

Learn Your Way Around

To become a master of the multiple orgasm you’ll need to learn your way around your partner’s nether regions. From the tip of the clitoris to the outer-laying labia; pin-point your partners pleasure spots and find out how she likes to be stimulated in each area.

Digital Stimulation

Don’t forget your digits when trying to give your partner knee-tremblers. They are an excellent tool for the job at hand. Begin by stroking your fingertips over her outer labia and exploring the soft and gentle areas between the legs and labia. Then move to more targeted stimulation; using the pad of your finger, move to the area just above the clitoral hood. Move your fingers in a circular motion or flutter back and forth. Build this up slowly. As you slip a finger inside of her, continue to use your thumb to stimulate the clitoris and with the inserted finger make a come here gesture, this will bend your finger towards the frontal wall of the vagina and stimulate the G-spot.

Lip Service

The tongue is mightier than the sword, and going-down is one of the most reliable methods of inducing the multiple orgasm.  Explore your partner’s vulva with kisses and then focus your attention on her clitoris, again try circular motions, or move your tongue up and down. Experiment with different pressures and ask your partner what feels good. You’ll need to stimulate your partner rhythmically in order give her multiple mind-blowing orgasms.

Assume the Position

If you want to give your partner multiple orgasms during intercourse then remember the clitoris. Keep it in contact with the base of your penis or press your thumb against it and flick it from side to side as you thrust. The most sensitive part of the vagina is the outer third, so keep your thrusts shallow. Control the rhythm and pace of your movements and linger in the entrance. Get this right and your partner will soon be writhing around in ecstasy.

Dual Stimulation

For women the most satisfying orgasms are the ones that combine clitoral and G-spot stimulation

So focus simultaneously on stimulating these sweet spots, use tongue-fingers, penis-fingers, tongue-vibrator, or fingers-vibrator whatever works best for you and your partner.

There are multiple ways for women to have multiple orgasms. Take the time to practice these techniques and enjoy the exhilarating experience of watching your partner climax multiple times. Remember that it may take time for the first orgasm to come, but once a woman has reached her peak of arousal it’s much easier to get back there again and again and again!

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  • leona says
    this is very good advice for someone who is learning for the first time. awesome exercise the best source i believe for any woman and their pantner who gets off too.
  • HairToday says
    Awesome ...and hard work too. In my experience it has been a great help if the girl has already taught herself how to come thru masturbation...remember us guys are usually really good @ that.....girls that believe masturbation is bad or disturbing seem to tend not to come very readily and lets face's a big ask to expect your (new) guy to know all the tricks...a little help goes a long way.
  • Interesting article... Hey Sarah, how about one on male multiple orgasms? I'm just learning about these at the moment...
    • I mean, it's all about us here isn't it???
      • Sarah G says
        Hi jason, thanks for the idea - watch this space!!
      • HairToday says
        Does "multiple" infer "all in a simultaneous row" or many in a single sex session ? Never experienced/seen the former but the latter has been the lucky domain of a couple of ex GFs ......they tended to constantly insist the importance of sex in the relationship but ultimately tired of it and moved to newer pastures.
        • Sarah G says
          Hi WingerGee - It can mean either. Sarah.
        • DeeDee says
          I'll have repetitive multiple simultaneous one's to go please.......
        • Question: How do you give a lemon an orgasm
          Answer: You tickle its citrus!

          I guess you will need two or more lemons to achieve a multiple.
        • Sex in a boat -- oar-gasms.
          Sex with a nerd -- dork-gasms.
          Sex at the entrance to your house -- door-gasms.
          Sex on carpet or linoleum -- floor-gasms.
          Sex at the supermarket -- store-gasms.
          Sex at a Steven King Movie - horror-gasms.
          Sex with a prostitute -- whore-gasms.
          Sex with an accountant -- bore-gasms.
          Sex while sleeping -- snore-gasms.
          Sex with 'Arthur' - Dudley Moore-gasms.
          Sex with cartoon donkeys - Eyeore-gasms.
          Sex while broke -- poor-gasms.
          Sex with a lion -- roar-gasms.
          Sex for hours and hours on end -- sore-gasms.
          Sex on a golf course -- fore-gasms.
          Sex with a nymphomaniac -- more-gasms.
          Sex in a gold mine -- ore-gasms.
          Sex with a dermatologist -- pore-gasms.
          Sex with a politician - Al Gore-gasms.
          Sex with Chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers -- s'more-gasms.
          Sex with a bullfighter -- toreador-gasms.
          Sex with a masked man carrying a sword -- zorro-gasms.
          Sex on the beach -- shore-gasms.
          Sex at an all-you-can-eat buffet -- smorgasbord-gasms.
          Sex on a cruise ship deck -- shuffleboard-gasms.
          Sex in Asia - Singapore-gasms.
          Sex among the wonders of nature -- outdoor-gasms.
          Sex in the vicinity of a garbage can -- odor-gasms.
          Sex on the way to the train -- 'All Aboard'-gasms.
          Sex that wasn't very satisfying -- 'There's the door'-gasms.
          Sex in an adult theater -- hard-core-gasms.
          Sex with someone who's not paying attention -- ignore-gasms.
          Sex with a competitive partner -- score-gasms.
          Sex while flying -- soar-gasms.
          Sex with a beloved partner - adore-gasms.
          Sex with a meat-eater - carnivore-gasms.
          Sex with a person who's got a really bad hairdo - pompadore-gasms.
          Sex with someone who's got bad taste in clothes - velour-gasms.
          Sex while travelling - tour-gasms.
          Sex with a big dog - labrador-gasms.
          Sex with Beavis and Butthead - 'GonnaScore'-gasms.
          Sex on stairs at the mall - escalator-gasms.
          Sex with three of your friends - four-gasms.
          Sex with a norse God - Thor-gasms.
          Sex on mushrooms - spore-gasms
          Sex at the supermarket - store-gasms.
          Sex during Jacques Cousteau documentaries - explore-gasms.
          Sex during WWII war movies - Tora Tora Tora-gasms.
          Sex with Hockey players - Bobby Orr-gasms
          Sex for Premature Ejaculators - before-gasms
          Sex with Salesmen - door-to-door-gasms
          Selfish men have - I-got-mine-you-get-your-gasms"
          Sex in a car - four-on-the-floor-gasms"
          • Onaphobia says
            I have decided this is a game. My score is 19.
          • Qualanqui says
            Best way I reckon is anal play, try working your way down all the way from clit to bum drawing little ABC's with your tongue then up and back down while rubbing the g-spot and clitoris and once she's real into it try putting your tongue in her bum and you will have her seeing stars although you might want to have a bath first though no-one likes chocolate chips unless of course you do then that is a whole other kettle of fish
          • Thank you James, delightful mental imagery!
            • DeeDee says
              Yeah James was good until a certain point.....
            • Qualanqui says
              Hahahaha mmmmmm chocolaty...

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