Five Places She Loves to Be Touched

Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson is the brains and attitude behind the playful adult toy website sexgear . She is also our official ‘sexpert’.

When it comes to fondling the female form, men are somewhat predictable. To set yourself apart and become a better lover you need to remember that there is more to a woman than just a pair of boobs, a butt and a vagina. Yes, they may be the places that you like to touch, but it isn’t all about you. If you learn how to touch a woman in the places that she likes to be touched then you can transform yourself from a mediocre lover into an expert one. Read on to find out some of the lesser known places that she loves to be touched.


1. Palm of the Hand
The beauty of targeting areas that are regularly avoided is that it feels amazing when they do suddenly get some attention; and the palm of the hand is often overlooked. Lightly stroke her palms, using your fingers to trace the lines. This will not only feel good for her but you’ll appear caring and attentive.

2. The Small of the Back
Again, this area is often neglected so kisses and other stimulation in this area feel new and exciting. Run your fingers up and down her spine, before using your mouth to do the same thing, and then plant lingering kisses on the small of her back.

3. Earlobes
You may already know that your partner loves to have her neck kissed, but you can set her heart racing by turning your attention to her earlobes and delicately touching, kissing or nibbling this soft piece of flesh. While the earlobes might sound like an unlikely source of passion they are incredibly sensitive and the feel your warm breath and lips on them can be very arousing. Just resist any temptation you may have to stick your tongue in her ear!

4. Behind the Knees
The skin behind the knees is thin, soft and very responsive to touch - because the nerves are close to the surface. So lightly stroking, kissing and licking in this area can be highly sensual for her. A subtle way to turn your partner on when you are out in public is to caress this sweet spot – she won’t be able to resist by the time you get home.

5. The Pelvis
Dedicating some attention to her pelvis will drive a woman wild. Especially if you can keep your focus here and avoid the obvious distraction located a little further south. The feel of your touch, kiss or lick in this area will tease and tantalise her until she is begging you for more.
Just because a lot of women like to be touched in these areas, it doesn’t mean all women do. So pay attention as you explore your partner’s body and learn which zones turn her on and which are no go areas. These are just five of the lesser known areas where women loved to be touched, but her whole body is covered in pleasure sensors for you to experiment with.

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  • Brian says
    Yet another great article, thanks Sarah.
    Yes, every woman's different, but many do obviously share similar reactions to spots you mention.
    Pressure is also the key. What feels like soft touch to one, can feel like too much pressure to another.
    Let the lady's reactions be your guide...or just ask.
    I know many of us men feel it shows an ignorance to have to ask if it feels ok, but the options may just be: Go Further, or Go Home.

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