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Sarah Gibson is the brains and attitude behind the playful adult toy website sexgear . She is also our official ‘sexpert’.

The female G-Spot; it’s infamous and its existence draws constant debate from medical professionals. But women have been enjoying the powerful sensations that this little sweet spot can provide for centuries! So read on to discover the location of the G-Spot and what to do with it once you find it.

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Where is it?

It may be known for being elusive, but with a little patience and some pointers in the right direction, you will find the g-spot. It is an area about two or three inches inside the vagina, on the front wall. You’ll know you have found it when you come across a bumpy, ridged area which feels different to the rest of the vaginas smooth tissue. Tip: the more turned on your partner is the easier it is to hit the spot - so make sure you warm your partner up before going on the path of discovery!

What do I do with it?

So once you’ve found it what you do with it? Firstly the G-Spot responds to firm direct pressure, so a light touch isn’t going to do much. Aim to build the intensity; but don’t go too hard too fast! To begin with move your fingers in a ‘come here’ motion, with your fingers against the front wall of the vagina move your fingers forwards and down over the G-Spot, vary the amounts of movement and pressure. Then try firmly tapping, or walking your fingers over the spot or moving in a circular motion. Experiment and discover what feels best for your partner. Just don’t forget the clitoris – not many woman can orgasm from G-Spot stimulation alone.

Your partner may feel the urge to pee as you stroke her G-Spot - this is normal, because the G-Spot is located next to the urethra – encourage your partner to relax and let the feeling go. Slowly the discomfort will change into unbelievable waves of pleasure.

Assume Position.

If you want to stimulate the G-Spot during intercourse then you’ll need to assume the right position. There are a number of suitable poses, one of which is a take on the classic missionary position. Simply pop a pillow or two under your partner bottom to help tilt her hips upwards. This will result in a sharper angle of penetration and you’ll naturally graze the desired spot.

A Helping Hand

If however, after all of your efforts this erogenous zone is still proving to be elusive, then you may want a helping hand. Sex toys can be a great aid for your G-Spot adventure, especially if your partner needs simultaneous clitoral stimulation to climax. Use a vibrator on her clitoris, while you focus on the G-Spot with your other hand. Or choose a toy that is specifically designed to make the task of finding the elusive G-Spot easier. Rather than a toy that is a straight phallic shape, look for toys with a pronounced curve. These toys can be vibrating or non-vibrating, and are made out of a variety of materials, some are pliable so you can bend them into shape and others are ridged to provide the firm pressure that is required to stimulate the G-Spot.

Remember that all women are unique, so while some woman will achieve orgasm from G-Spot stimulation alone, most will need simultaneous clitoral stimulation, and for a few, G-Spot stimulation will not be enjoyable. As ever communicate with your partner every step of the way to find out what feels good, but most importantly, relax and enjoy the journey.

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