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Michelle Rocard

Do men really want a dirty girl in the bed room, and if yes - how do you set that up? Girls are interesting creatures aren’t we? LOL...

playful couple in the bed

Most girls I have chatted to recently have said that they love to please their men in the bedroom, but most feel uncomfortable about letting go completely, because it’s hard to transform from being a woman who is normally completely prim and proper to being a slut in the bedroom.

I guess communication is the key to getting your girl to relax, so you need to tell her how you find dirty talk, or acts, to be a turn on (only if it’s your thing of course).

My suggestion is to start slowly and not push these things; most girls find it really hard to use certain words when making love because making love is such an intimate giving time. Yet other girls find it a release and really get into the swing of things quite easily - and sometimes go too far. Communication is definetly the key to getting what you want and sometimes that might be a really difficult thing to do. It’s seems it’s much easier for girls to talk than guys (newsflash!).

But it is really important to share some of your fantasies, being mindful that some fantasies are just that: fantasies that need not to be shared…

While doing the research for this topic and after speaking to all of my girlfriends about being a dirty girl, I was starting to get a little lost and not sure what to write. So I placed a question on the message board of a well known dating site. The question was:

Do men really want a dirty girl in the bed room?

Some of the answers were just outright funny and others were more thought-provoking, so let me share some of them with you. One man wrote:
“If I wiped my dick on the curtains, I reckon she’d say some really filthy things to me.” Well that made me laugh!

Another wrote:
What we want is someone without inhibitions. Someone who doesn’t do things like, for example, talking dirty because she thinks she should - but just because she does. We want someone inventive, creative and adventurous. Someone with lust. It can be great because she’s lost in the moment…”

Wow, I shared that with the girls and we chatted about how a man could get her enrolled in being a little bit naughtier than usual.

We came up with a few suggestions:

Texting her something naughty like, “So when I see you will you be wearing your knickers!”

It’s much better to start off tamer than to just rip straight into it… building it up to telling her what you like, but only when she gives you the cue.

One of my best friends was telling me that she dated a guy for a while who certainly knew how to get the dirty girl out from within. She was standing at the kitchen bench one time doing the dishes, and he came up from behind and whispered in her ear, “I really love it when you are naughty, and I want you to tell me what you want me do to you and how, but don’t be a good girl about it!”

He walked away and that’s all that was said that day. Needless to say they had great sex that night and she certainly told him what she wanted LOL… ‘Wow what a guy!’ Well that was the general feeling amongst us girls (five of us sitting in my lounge and a couple of bottles wine later…)

Well I hope this has been helpful and you guys get what you want because if you are, then odds are high that so are we.

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  • Kaihiwi08 says
    there's a time and a place for this, trust is a first an foremost its only a game meant to be enjoyable so have fun:-)
  • Reno says
    Every time me and my Missus talk dirty we both just crack up. It really lightens the mood. Don't think that was the desired effect though haha.
  • Mmm, gonna try this tonight, wish me luck!
  • Violet says
    If your lady is too shy to talk dirty then she is not going to respond to you saying something like, 'Tell me what you want me to do to you.'
    Try a more leading approach such as, 'Would you like me to slip my finger in your sexy arse?', or ,'Do I suck your nipples the way you like it?', or perhaps, 'I bought some chocolate sauce to lick off your body parts, where would you like me to start?'
    Open the door to something less vanilla and more enjoyable. She's more likely to go for the ride once she knows you won't reject her for being a dirty girl.
    Violet Ivy, Author

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