All-time Top 20 Sex Tips for Men – Part Two

Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson is the brains and attitude behind the playful adult toy website sexgear . She is also our official ‘sexpert’.

If you’ve read tips 20 to 11 then you’re ready for the top 10. So without further ado, I give you my top 10 sex tips of all time for men.

Lust10. Somewhere New
Get out of the bedroom and experiment with sex in different places – like the kitchen, the bathroom, in a car, on top of the washing machine (while it’s on a spin cycle), or in a hotel room. This kind of change can spice up your sex life because the same old place can result in the same old routine.

9. Discover Her G-Spot
Experiment with G-Spot stimulation. Warm your partner up and then insert one or two fingers into her vagina. Make a ‘come here motion’ with your fingers so they press firmly against the front wall, about 2 inches up.  Use your thumb to stimulate her clitoris at the same time.

8. Vary The Position
Don’t get stuck in a missionary rut. Vary your sexual positions and experiment with different depths, speeds and angles of penetration. Remembering that clitoral stimulation is what feels best for her.

7. Share Your Fantasies in Public
Whisper your fantasies to your partner over dinner in a restaurant or while you’re lying on a blanket in a park; giving enough detail to create a buzz of sexual tension. This is a great way to share your sexual desires without the fear of rejection, because there is no possibility of sex then and there anyway.

6. Keep The Passion Alive
Lose yourself in the moment and let yourself get carried away with your desire for your partner. Show her that you want her and let her know how much she turns you on. Seduce her when she least expects it and don’t let yourself be distracted by your phone, emails or the TV.

5. V For Victory
Next time your girl is on top, make a V with your index and middle fingers and place it underneath her, so the point of the V is resting on her clitoris. The V will move up and down as she rides you with you penis moving between your fingers. This will feel fantastic for her, because you’re increasing the clitoral stimulation and contact with the labia, and it should also add intensity for you too.

4. Vocalise Your Satisfaction
When your partner heads down south with her mouth, encourage her with grateful grunts and meaningful moans. She will perform much more enthusiastically if she knows you are having a good time.

3. Warm-Up
Always make sure your partner is warmed up and ready to go before you try to touch or stimulate her genitals. The clitoris is a very sensitive sexual organ and a woman needs to be turned on for clitoral contact to feel good. If your partner gives a yelp of displeasure or tries to move away from you as you touch her there – the chances are it’s too much too soon.

2. Doggy Training
Yes there is a right and a wrong way to do doggy. The angle of penetration during doggy-style means that your penis comes into contact with her most sensitive nerve-packed parts; so keep thrusting short and shallow, rather than deep and fast.

1. It Isn’t A Race To The Finish
Sex isn’t a race, so slow down and take your time. Use your fingers, lips and tongue to explore her body. Make sure she is aroused before you touch, kiss or lick her most intimate areas. And take slow, gentle strokes during intercourse. Your partner will be thankful if you let her cross the finish line first!

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  • Steve Hale says
    You never fail to deliver Sarah, love your work.
    • Sarah G says
      thanks Steve - glad you like them!
    • hi Sarah,always enjoy your articles.

      From a male perspective, some ladies aren't so vocal...soft moans, but no indication of orgasm. So, for the males...listen to a change in breathing rate...that will be a good indication of orgasm often.

      • Chris says
        Wow Brian. I'd be gutted if my gf didnt even make noise when she came. Maybe you should do your best to apply some of Sarah's advice.
      • Mel says
        LOVEIT.COM!!! May i just add gentlemen. Don't be afraid to ask her what she wants! Your lady will let you know if your doing it right

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