5 Movies to Get Her in the Mood

Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson is the brains and attitude behind the playful adult toy website sexgear . She is also our official ‘sexpert’.

For most girls, popping your tired edition of Good Will Humping into the DVD player will do very little for her libido. But women are still responsive to visual stimuli. It just has to be the right kind. Most importantly, we need a story punctuated by love scenes. Not a barrage of love scenes interrupted by story. Continue reading below for some of the hottest movie rentals for her.

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It’s infamous in popular culture for walking a very fine line between soft-core porn and sexually charged drama.  It stars Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke. Fortunately, they were both in their hey-day because a modern remake with the same cast may not have quite the same impact. The story follows an art gallery assistant (Basinger) who gets involved with an aloof businessman. Though she is desperate to know more about him, he keeps their relationship strictly sexual. A movie all about, power, love, intimacy, fragility and sex, this 1986 film will still have the same effect, more than 20 years later. Find it in the ‘drama’ section, but probably placed quite close to that room with the swinging doors.

Eyes Wide Shut

One of the best examples of an erotic thriller, this movie leaves you feeling creeped-out and turned-on, all in the same breath. Starring Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, this was the last film they made together as a real life couple. So the onscreen chemistry has a believable sexual energy. And, to his credit, Tom does look like he is into her.  All good erotic thrillers should contain the right amount of lust and danger and with mass orgies, kinky underground cults, drugs and murdered prostitutes, Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut will leave you both feeling ready for some, undoubtedly experimental, sex.


Basic Instinct 

Starring Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas, Basic Instinct is the thinking woman’s sexual thriller.  If you’re dating an alpha female, the powerful character of Catherine Tramell (played unforgivably by Stone) will undoubtedly appeal to her dominating side. The two main stars play complicated mind games with each other as Douglas’s detective character investigates Stone for the murder of her boyfriend.  Naturally, they end up in bed together, because nobody crosses their legs like Sharon can.

Great Expectations

The sexiest thing about this movie is that Gwyneth Paltrow’s prudish character ‘Estella’, doesn’t give it up. Well, not easily. But the pure sex appeal and artistic talents of Ethan Hawke’s ‘Finn’ manage to seduce her.  Highlights include; the first kiss, the sex in a multitude of climates, and the artwork Hawke produces of Paltrow. Naked.  A chick flick that even you boys can endure.

Dirty Dancing

Firstly you’ll get points for watching a movie that all women love and all men vehemently despise. So you’re starting off on the right foot.  Secondly, this movie reminds us about sexy summers, where the only concern was about finding someone to sweep us off our feet for passionate nights and long days at the beach. Thirdly, this movie is called Dirty Dancing for a reason. There’s lots of bumping and grinding. And it’s pretty hot. Fourth and finally, this movie is about forbidden passion.  Patrick Swayze’s ‘Johnny’ is not the sort of guy that Jennifer Grey’s ‘Baby’ should be hanging out with. Let alone losing her virginity too on a hot summer’s night.


Take Care, Sarah Gibson at www.sexgear.co.nz

P.S. If there’s anything about sex that you’d like to ask, or a discussion you’d like to start just email me info@sg.co.nz and I’ll do my best to write about it for you here at getfrank.co.nz


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