Will it float?


DIYFather.com was brought into this world by Wellington-based dads Scott Lancaster, Eric Mooij and Stefan Korn who recognised the need for a dedicated website for fathers. Based on their own experiences of struggling to find useful parenting related information specifically aimed at dads they created DIYFather.com

If you haven't played "sink or float" with your little one when giving them a bath or in a paddle pool - you haven't lived! This is such a simple activity and we haven't seen a toddler / pre-schooler yet who hasn't thoroughly enjoyed it. The principle is super simple - ask your little champ to pick up any small item in the house or outside and get them to predict whether it'll sink or float. That's it ... there's some cool dad surprises you can do like using a pumice rock (which will hopefully float) or making a little boat-like shapes out of heavy material that would otherwise sink.


Hours of fun - try it out at home! Enjoy

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