Is it offensive for a man to request a father DNA test?

Paternity can be a fragile issue in fractured relationships. It must be addressed to avoid years of confusion, stress, and undo monetary and emotional strain. The question of paternity often questions the relationship itself and hence a vicious cycle begins.   To question paternity means you are questioning the trust of your partner and level of commitment you both agreed to. This is where offense may or may not be taken.

Trusting Your Partner
What does this mean?  Have you all had the talk about the exclusivity? What does exclusivity mean to you and your partner? Have you defined how this will affect your relationship with each other and others outside of your relationship?  Lastly, have you all discussed this?  This means an actual discussion not an assumption.
All relationships are different but when it comes to unprotected sex, there should be no questions. Either you decide to be monogamous and accept the possible consequences or practice protected sex until a mutual decision has been made. It sounds simple but often is not. This decision should be thoroughly discussed to ensure no misunderstands occur.

The effect of doubt
Having a child is a beautiful experience but when doubt enters the picture, it can cause stress in the life of you, your child and partner. This doubt can change the way you love and affect how you treat the people you love. It is hard to give 100% of yourself when you feel you have been duped! This can cause you to feel trapped and helpless at the same time.

Courtesy of Jimie Beckford

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