Why Your Conversation Fails to Create Attraction

Chris Tyler

Chris is an American dating columnist who is sharing his straight up wisdom on attracting, seducing and winning beautiful women. A bit of an alpha male himself check out his blog at www.geturgirl.com

Conversation is one thing that everyone is supposed to be good at,  right?  I mean,  we start talking when we are toddlers and we pretty much have it mastered by the time we are in our teens,  so when you are an adult an find that it is HARD to talk to women,  it can seem incredibly troubling to you.  If you get tongue tied,  if you start conversations that seem to go nowhere and you realize that it is causing you trouble with women,  then please keep on reading.

Queen Street Candid

Talking to women is one of the most basic and fundamental skills that any man can possess.  Unless you have the drop dead good looks and bad boy persona to back them up,  you have to be able to hold a conversation that creates attraction and chemistry with a woman.  That is going to be your main ‘edge’ and the one thing that you can rely on that takes any woman who is out of your league and brings her right back down to your level.

How to Talk to Women and Create Attraction

Most guys don’t even realize just how bad their conversation skills with women really are until they get that one experience where they are talking to a woman that they REALLY want and they find that they either have nothing to say,  or they are just terribly boring when they speak.  Chances are,  if you find it hard to talk to women,  then you have made some mistakes along the way.  That’s okay,  because mistakes can ALWAYS be corrected.

Mistake Number One When Talking to Women -  Not Shutting Up When You Should

Part of the conversation equation actually has less to do with talking,  and more to do with listening.  No one likes to be involved in a one sided conversation,  at least,  not when they are not the one who is dominating the diatribe.  So,  the first mistake that men make is that they do not shut up when they are supposed to.  If she is telling you a story,  her opinion,  or she is just really enthusiastic about something… be a little more quiet and a listen.  She’ll dig it.

It’s always funny how you can have a conversation with a woman where honestly,  she does most of the talking and you do a whole lot of listening and then at the end of the conversation she says something like,  “Wow,  it was really nice talking to you.”  It happens all of the time when you learn to actually apply this little used technique.

Mistake Number Two When Talking to Women – Not Asking Her Any Questions

Okay,  so you don’t want to be like a toddler who asks why after everything she says.  On the other hand,  you don’t want to just sit there and make it seem like you are not paying any attention at all to what she is saying.  Getting her to reveal a LOT about herself is dead easy when you learn to incorporate the question,  WHY,  and then wait for her reply.

I use this techniques all of the time when I either just don’t feel like doing a lot of talking or I really want to get a sneak peek inside a woman’s mind and see the way that she thinks.  For example,  finding out that she was a virgin until college and asking her why that was can get her to reveal a lot about the way that she thinks about sex and relationships.  And you can use that info to decide when and how to make your move if you want to try and get her into bed with you.

Mistake Number Three -  Your Conversation Fails to Create Attraction Because There is No ESCALATION

If you are talking to a woman and you really want to be more than just someone she is having a conversation with,  then you need to escalate beyond the small talk.  You don’t want to have the same kind of conversation that she would have with just any guy.  This is why you need to escalate if you want to create real chemistry and attraction with a woman.  Go beyond just talking about basic likes and dislikes and get into some real details about “taboo” subjects.

You might be surprised at how quickly a woman will open up about all kinds of stuff if she feels comfortable talking to you and you kind of GUIDE HER along into talking about the things YOU want to know about.  I like to get a woman to talk about sexual things as quickly as possible without it being so quick that it seems like that was all I really wanted to talk about in the first place.  From there,  you can easily tease and flirt your way into hooking up with her.

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  • New Member says
    sounds like good advice, especially about escalating the conversation. BUT can you give some examples of how to do that e.g. you meet a women in the street tell her she looks nice then how do you start teasing and escalating the conversation? would really appreciate your advice

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