My Ex Girlfriend Deleted Me From Facebook – Should I Worry?

Chris Tyler

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This is one of those situations that wouldn’t have been an issue just a few years ago,  but today,  you might have to deal with your ex girlfriend deleting you from Facebook and that might make you worry about the possibility that you might lose her for good.  So,  should you worry about your ex girlfriend deleting you from her Facebook account?

It depends.

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There are 2 main reasons why she would do this.

1)  She symbolically wants to delete you from her life because she is ready to move on for good.

2)  She is just having a knee jerk reaction to being mad at you or whatever and it doesn’t really have any long term implications.

If the reason is that she is just having a knee jerk reaction,  I wouldn’t worry about it too much.  Hey,  I know a couple who whenever they get into any little spat with one another,  the woman deletes him from Facebook and then a few days later,  she adds him right back. So,  if it is just her knee jerk reaction to being mad at you,  don’t sweat it.

On the other hand,  if it is a symbolic move to delete you from her life,  that might be a good sign that at least for right now,  it is time for YOU to move on.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have no chance of getting back with her in the future.  It just means that you need to take the hint and realize that for now… she wants nothing to do with you and she doesn’t want you on her list.

That really shouldn’t be too big of a deal if you are a man who has options,  who can attract another woman and have some fun.  If you are taking an action like your ex girlfriend deleting you from her Facebook a little too much to heart,  you might want to think about finding out how to get better at attracting women so your ex girlfriend isn’t such a big deal where an action like that can really mess up your day.

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