Love Advice for Men – How to Get a Woman to Fall in Love With You

Chris Tyler

Chris is an American dating columnist who is sharing his straight up wisdom on attracting, seducing and winning beautiful women. A bit of an alpha male himself check out his blog at

There is a lot of “traditional” love advice for men out there that basically reinforces the belief that in order for a guy to make a woman fall for him, he has to go through a long courtship process where he basically bends over backwards to try and make her feel that way. And many guys follow that traditional advice, not realizing that they are headed in the wrong direction. There’s a reason why it seems like nice guys always finish last in relationships and dating, and it’s because they do the wrong things to try and make a woman fall in love with them.

Girlfriend Kissing Boyfriend on Cheek

Here are some hard hitting tips that will actually get you real results and make a woman love you:

1. Instead of trying to buy her love with gifts, you need to instead focus on building attraction.

Ever wonder why an average looking guy with a lousy job and a beat up car can end up having a pretty woman fall hard for them? It’s because they build attraction first before they try to make a woman fall in love. Now, they may or may not do this on purpose, as some guys just kind of figure it out without thinking about it, but it’s the one big difference between the guys that end up losing out and the ones that women seem to want no matter what.

2. Instead of bending over backwards to please a woman, show her that you have backbone.

It’s very rare that you meet a woman who actually wants a guy to bend over backwards to try and please her, and when you do, it’s usually the kind of woman that wants to have a guy wrapped around her finger. You don’t have to do that and you will actually be a lot more successful when you can show a woman that you have backbone and that you are not going to act like some kind of a puppy dog to try and make her fall for you.

3. Learn how to turn her on in a way that most men cannot.

If you want to make sure that she not only loves you, but she keeps on coming back to you, then you have to learn how to turn her on. It’s what is going to separate you from being the kind of guy she loves as a really good friend, and the kind of guy she wants to be much more than friends with.

When you know what a woman responds to and how to turn her on, then making her fall in love is not that hard to do.

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  • DOX says
    so... no.1 dnt buy her anything.
    no.2 make her do all the cooking & cleaning
    no.3 last more than 2min

    cheers chris tyler i will be fending them of with a stick soon
  • GEM says
    I'd add don't buy your date any drinks that in English means urinate. Mimi in Maori means piss. Kind of like Pajero in Spanish means wanker. Perhaps Morton Estate could have done a little bit of research lol.

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