5 Hot Tips To Make Her Scream Your Name

Chris Tyler

Chris is an American dating columnist who is sharing his straight up wisdom on attracting, seducing and winning beautiful women. A bit of an alpha male himself check out his blog at www.geturgirl.com

The seduction of a woman is something that you should never take lightly.  When you really want to seduce a woman,  you have to keep one thing in mind,  always.  It’s not just about getting laid.  While that is the pleasant and pleasurable reward that you will get,  it is a result of you approaching a woman the right way and making her feel intense attraction and DESIRE for you.


Most guys have a faint heart when it comes to the seduction of a woman.  They cave too quickly and they don’t make ANY of the right moves that are necessary to lead her into seduction.  Think of this article as a simple seduction guide for men that you can use to begin to understand the fine art of seduction.

Here are 5 hot tips that will make her scream YOUR name,  as long as you get it right:

1.  Don’t follow her,  you are supposed to lead.

When you want to seduce a woman,  it is your job as the man to lead her into seduction.  Just as it is with a formal dance,  YOU have to be the one that leads her,  not the other way around.  This is counter to what really happens with most men when they meet a woman.  Instead of instinctively taking on the role of the leader or the alpha male,  they follow the woman and try to do whatever they think will please her.  Well,  you are not going to please her by acting this way.  And you certainly are NOT going to get her closer to the bedroom,  either.  Be the ALPHA male and lead a woman into seduction.

2.  Greet her with bedroom eyes.

Yes,  the eyes play a powerful role in the seduction of a woman.  If you do not have those bedroom eyes when you are gazing at her,  you are not going to make her feel the sexual chemistry and charge that she needs to feel from you.  When you have those bedroom eyes with a woman,  and you can hold her in a deep and profound gaze,  she will literally melt at the slightest touch that you give to her.  Don’t allow your eyes to divert all around the place.  Keep HER locked in a sensual gaze with you and you will have no problem seducing a woman.

3.  Flirting with her is only the beginning.

Far too often,  men will treat flirting with a woman as the end all be all to creating or building attraction with her.  And it’s not the only way to get into her heart and make her want you.  Flirting is a VERY necessary skill that you MUST possess if you want to properly seduce a woman,  but you have to do more and go beyond just flirting with her.  When you do get to flirt with a woman,  the spirit should be playful and light hearted,  not serious and too overtly sexual.

4.  You MUST know how to talk to a woman in a sexual way without getting ‘nasty.’

The kind of bar room chatter that you would have with your buddies about sex is not going to go a long way for you when you want to properly seduce most women.  Sure,  I’ll admit there are exceptions,  but those are not usually the kind of women that you really lust after.  Those are the ones that you wouldn’t mind a little one night fling,  provided that no one else knew about it.  To seduce the kind of women that you really desire,  you have to know how to talk her into a sexual mood,  without being outright about it.

5.  You have to know how to please her when you DO get her into your bedroom.

The last thing that you would want to happen is to finally get a beautiful woman into your bedroom and then lose your touch just when things were starting to get GOOD.  When you want to please a woman,  you have to kind of deny your own pleasure for a while,  making sure that she is getting HERS.  After all,  you wouldn’t want to suffer from minute man syndrome and then become the butt of all her jokes with her girlfriends,  would YOU?

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  • shiny says
    6. Lie back on couch, hold the remote and beer and ignore everything but the tv.....lol
  • DeeDee says
    ...there's only one definitive way to make her scream out your name and if you have that right rhythm and the money maker spot locked down she will be whistling and whaling like a soprano!!!.....that's when you will know you are the man!....lol

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