4 First Date Conversation Starters Which Women Love

Scott Patterson

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nullnullIn general, dating can be tough work, and first dates can be even tougher. One of the things that can easily turn a first date into a difficult endeavor has to do with knowing exactly what to say. By nature, people tend to be afraid of failing, fearing rejection from square one. Both of these fears contribute to the fear of not having adequate conversation on the first date with someone that you sincerely care about. Conversations on the first date can play a very large determining role in whether or not a second, third or even fourth date will ever happen. Here are four excellent first date conversation starters.

- One great way that you can start up a conversation on your first date is to find out as much information as you can about the other person. Do not ask too many personal things, but rather focus on broad topics during first date conversation. Keep things basic by asking about jobs, favorites, interests and hobbies for example. Use open ended questions rather than questions that simply require yes or no as answers. These questions are much better creators of conversation.

- While you are on your first date, you should absolutely listen for interesting information that could possibly lead to the conversation moving in a different direction. For example, if the woman you are with decides to start talking about a snorkeling trip she took last year, you can start to talk specifically about snorkeling, scuba diving, the ocean and other similar things that she may be interested in. Was it the first time she went snorkeling? How did she learn how to do it? If you listen intently to the conversation during the first date, you can learn a lot more about the person that you are becoming passionate about.

- As part of the first date conversation, you should make a point to ask about things like "What is the craziest thing that you have ever done?" Tell her about your craziest thing as well. Questions like "If you could have any super power, what would it be?" are excellent at allowing you to gain insight into the person that you are getting to know on the first date.

- If you are afraid that you will have difficulty striking up conversation on the first date with your new partner, you should plan ahead and take a significant amount of time to plan ideas out before the date. Going on a first date is almost sort of like a job interview in that the preparation is just as critical as the date itself.


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  • philip says
    You should also realise that the girl is probably as if not more nervous than you are. So slipping into the comfort costume would be a definite plus. And as already mentioned, the best way to do that is to aid the flow of the conversation instead of trying to generate some sort of charming conversation. Simple and genuine is always the best.

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