Win A Few Hares to Chase: The life and economics of Bill Phillips $39.99


‘Bill Phillips was an inventor, an adventurer, a hero and a relentlessly original thinker. He was the Indiana Jones of economics and Alan Bollard has written a definitive biography.’  Tim Harford, author of The Undercover Economist andThe Undercover Economist Strikes Back 

How did an electrician from New Zealand with a few mediocre grades in sociology write the second most cited economics article in the world, build the MONIAC – a revolutionary computing machine – and quickly rise to become one of the world’s leading economists? From a remote Dannevirke farm to wartime POW camps to London’s intellectual world, the Bill Phillips story is a true New Zealand tale of adventurous spirit and can-do energy.

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About the Author

Alan Bollard is the executive director of the APEC Secretariat in Singapore, former governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and secretary of the Treasury, and author of 25 books and monographs including most recently Crisis: One Central Bank Governor and the Global Financial Collapse (Auckland University Press, 2010).


Winner(s): Kizami

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  • David says
    Anything by Bollard is worth reading because he guided NZ through the GFC so over here please
  • New Member says
    What an awesome book to win - written by a great author.
  • Judy says
    It sounds like an awesome read! Go Kiwis!
  • better chance
  • Nos4R2D2 says
    The sample has wet my appetite. Now all I need is the book please, thank you.
  • monstar says
    I really enjoy Bollard's books
  • Cray_Cray says
    Would love to win this for my friend!
  • Doug says
    looks good
  • Kizami says
    Love reading about economics like this. The easy read version.
  • Kiwi Gas says
    Looks like an interesting read.

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