Win one of three Jim Beam Red Stag bottles

Jim Beam Red Stag: 

A genius combination of black cherry and oak-infused liqueur hailing from Jim beam’s finest Kentucky distillery, Red Stag is a bourbon like none you’ve ever experienced. The distinctive taste of classic Jim Beam with the complementary hints of black cherry is best taken straight or as part of a classic cocktail. Truly a modernist’s bourbon, this liqueur can also be used for curing bacon or as a rich glaze. 

We're coming to the end of Bourbon Month but thanks to our good friends at Jim Beam, we've got three bottles of Jim Beam Red Stag to giveaway. To enter, simply comment below, then head over to Get Frank's Suave forum and make a decent contribution there to finalise your entry.

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  • A STAG is a male deer of proven reproductive success that has many mates and is better know as the Alpha Male. For JM's to call this Rad Stag, it must be "Top Of The Line".

    Deer Short Jokes What's the difference between beer nuts and deer nuts? Beer nuts are a $1.25 but deer nuts are always under a buck.
    • Coming to the end of Bourbon Month, l hope it MAY end well.
    • O nice this is one of my fave drinks. have it with mothers or red bull.I seem to think it gives out a slight peanuty after taste.
    • HairToday says
      Another bottle of luvly trouble.
    • Nos4R2D2 says
      Hints of black cherry sounds nice as does can also be used for curing bacon. I would love to be lucky at the end of Bourbon Month by winning one of three Jim Beam Red Stag bottles please, thank you.
    • kevin says
    • nzkelly says
      Haven't tried this one! Would like!
    • RC says
      The cocktail possibilities! So excited!
    • charmed says
      So good for drinks after a longs days work.
    • mike says
      Sounds like a winner
    • Dave says
      Wow FRANK, a new Jim Beam with a Red Stag Bourbon... just the drink myself and my mates have whenever we get together... would appreciate you sharing us 1 of the 3 you are giving away...... CHEERS!!!

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