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  • Chocolate Kiss

    11 July 2010 / Shots & Drink Recipes

    Chocolate Kiss - Hot Cocktail Recipe Shot of peppermint schnapps 1/3 Shot of coffee liqueur Hot chocolate Whipped cream Hershey's Kiss for garnish Pour the liqueurs into a mug or Irish coffee glass, fill with hot chocolate then top with whipped... More about Chocolate Kiss

  • Cafè Caribbean

    11 July 2010 / Shots & Drink Recipes

    Cafè Caribbean - Hot Cocktail RecipeShot of rum 1/3 Shot amaretto Black coffee Whipped cream Shaved almonds for garnish Pour the rum and amaretto into an Irish coffee glass, fill with hot coffee, top with whipped cream and garnish with shaved... More about Cafè Caribbean

  • Cafe Brasileiro

    11 July 2010 / Shots & Drink Recipes

    Cafe Brasileiro - Hot Cocktail Recipe Shot Sagatiba Pura Cachaca 2/3 Shot dark chocolate liqueur Fresh hot coffee 1/3 Shot simple syrup Heavy cream  Stir all ingredients together in an Irish coffee glass.  Slowly and gently layer the... More about Cafe Brasileiro

  • Burning Bush

    01 January 1970 / Shots & Drink Recipes

    Burning Bush - Hot Cocktail Recipe Shot Irish Whiskey 1 Tbsp honey 2 Shots hot water Garnish with lemon wedge Place lemon wedge at the base of the glass and cover in whiskey and honey, and fill with water. Check out the full selection of Hot... More about Burning Bush

  • Black Stripe

    11 July 2010 / Shots & Drink Recipes

    Black Stripe - Hot Cocktail Recipe Shot of dark rum 1 tsp honey hot water lemon cinnamon stick for garnish Combine dark rum and honey into an Irish coffee glass, twist the lemon over the glass and throw it in the mix as well. Fill the glass with hot... More about Black Stripe

  • Orange Pekoe Tea

    11 July 2010 / Shots & Drink Recipes

    Orange Pekoe Tea - Hot Cocktail Recipe ½ shot Grand Marnier ½ shot amaretto Orange pekoe tea Orange wheel for garnish Pour the grand marnier and amaretto into a preheated glass and finish with orange pekoe tea. Garnish with an orange... More about Orange Pekoe Tea

  • Brazilian Monk

    10 July 2010 / Shots & Drink Recipes

    Brazilian Monk - Frozen Cocktail Recipe 2/3 Shot of hazelnut liqueur 2/3 Shot of coffee liqueur 2/3 Shot of dark creme de cacao 1/3 Shot of oz dry sherry 4 tbsp vanilla ice cream Blend together briefly. Garnish with a mint leaf and sprinkle with... More about Brazilian Monk

  • Bailey's Shake

    10 July 2010 / Shots & Drink Recipes

    Bailey's Shake - Frozen Cocktail Recipe 1 cup vanilla ice cream1/4 cup chocolate syrup3/4 cup milkIrish cream Throw all the ingredients into a blender until smooth. Pour into a glass and serve immediately. Check out the full selection of Frozen... More about Bailey's Shake


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