The Weekly Car News Roundup 6

Lance Manins

Lance is the founder and Managing Director of Driveline, a New Zealand vehicle leasing company.

The car industry never sleeps. Each and every day, there’s a new review, piece of innovation or something even more grand in the works. So we’ve done a bit of digging to bring you the latest car and automotive news from around the world.

Since cars were invented, people have imagined what the cars of the future would look like. Volvo has taken that one step further and are busy fine tuning a self-driving rubbish truck.

New Zealand’s biggest agricultural expo will be happening next week from June 14th-17th at Mystery Creek, Waikato. And car manufacturer Lexus will be making its debut there.
  Dave McLeod has a look at the new 2017 Mazda CX-5 on his website

Peugeot is entering into the highly competitive Ute market with a new dual cab Ute.
   A stack of hotted up cars will be on display at the Bargo Sports Club next week, raising awareness for men’s health day on June 18th.

Bruce Maclaren’s legacy has been given a new lease of life. Roger Donaldson recently release a documentary film about the race car driver, designer, engineer and innovator.


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