2005 Aston Martin DB9 – Stealth Symphony

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Where the heck is all this sound coming from? Looking around this 2005 Aston Martin DB9, I’m bamboozled. I can hear — feel — the precise highs and booming lows surrounding me. My ears have never felt so alive. But I can’t see much by way of hardware to explain the sound performance.

Still trying to figure out how this mass of sound is hitting me, I do some exploring. It turns out there is a stealthy boot-load of gear in this car: four amps, a sub and a number of speakers, all extremely well hidden. The Aston Martin was originally fitted with a full Linn audio system but Peter, the vehicle owner,  didn’t think the factory kit was up to the quality of the rest of the vehicle. As principal of Fusion Electronics, he was in a great position to have some changes made.

The Aston was despatched to the team at Rapid Radio in central Auckland. After hours of consultation between the guys at Rapid and Fusion, it was decided to install a high-end system… but it was agreed it needed to be very stealthy to maintain the integrity of the DB9 interior. Many aftermarket installs start with a new head unit, but in this case the factory unit remains. 

Clearly Fusion were looking to have their products featured as the hero in this system so the guys at Rapid integrated the rest of the Fusion gear to work with the Aston Head. The first hurdle to overcome was to improve the staging — the sound seemed tocome from the middle and rear of the DB9 and not up front which is desirable. An amplified Fusion two-way centre speaker was installed in the centre dash area, instantly improving the way music surrounded the car’s occupants.

The next challenge was to lift the overall clarity of the system to the level required by the Fusion team. This responsibility was given to two sets of Fusion PowerPlant 5.25-inch component speakers, installed in the factory locations front and rear. To provide the speakers with enough juice, two Fusion 600 watt Powerplant amps were hidden from view under a custom false floor in the boot.

With the accuracy of the highs and mids addressed, the focus then turned to the bottom end. The Aston came equipped with a factory fitted subwoofer with a less than desirable installation. It was replaced in favour of a punchy and precise Fusion Powerplant 900 watt,10-inch woofer. To maximise the bass performance from the sub, a new enclosure was fabricated that utilised all available space, including the  underside the amp floor, without compromising the standard usable space in the boot.

While big installs do have their place, massive sounds are still possible from systems with some in built stealth, especially in British thoroughbreds of this ilk.

2005 Aston Martin DB9 – Specifications

Engine: 48-valve 5935cc V12
front-mounted engine, alloy quad overhead camshaft
Transmission: Touchtronic 2 6-speed gearbox, carbon-fibre propeller shaft,
limited slip differential
Suspension: Coil-over aluminium monotube dampers
Brakes: Front ventilated and grooved steel 355mm discs, 
rear ventilated and grooved 330mm steel discs,
radial-mounted four-piston monoblock callipers
Wheels & Tyres: Front 10-spoke 19×8.5-inch alloys with Bridgestone Potenza 235/40R19, Rear 10-spoke 19×9.5-inch alloys with Bridgestone Potenza 275/35R19
Exterior: Factory bodykit
Interior: Full wood grain leather interior
ICE: Factory Aston Martin head unit, 2x pair Fusion PowerPlant PP-CM5250 5.25-inch component speakers, 1x Fusion RE-FR5250 5.25-inch 2-way centre speaker, 1x Fusion PowerPlant PP-SW10 10-inch subwoofer, 3x Fusion PowerPlant PP-AM60020 2CH amplifiers, 1x Fusion Marine Zone MS-AM702 amplifier, Fusion cables
Performance: 350kW @ 6000rpm at the flywheel, torque 600Nm @ 5000rpm, 0-100km/h 4.8 sec, max speed 306km/h

Peter Maire – Driver Profile

Occupation: Investor and company director
Thanks: Rapid Radio

Words: Falgoon Patel Photos: Adam Croy

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  • I want one. Can't help but remember that the engine is 2 V6 Mondeo motors welded together though... perhaps the Maserati would be better after all.
  • Steff S says
    Fusion is rubbish, if you want high end quality sound stick with linn audio. All fusion amounts to is loud and bass heavy speakers. They may as well have replaced the engine with a honda, which is in the same league as the speakers
  • Linn Audio do car stereos?? I thought they died years ago. The last turntable I owned was a Linn Sondek.. loved the thing, but that was 20 years ago.
  • Ross says
    Hey Peter - I have a new set of 20" Khan wheels & tyres for your car. Drop me a line ross@maser.co.nz

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