Online Game: Super Mario Brothers


The Nintendo Classic re-made for Online. Arrows to move, and space to fire.

If your screen jumps around playing, left click the mouse on a corner within the game and that should sort it out.


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  • David says
    600100 points!

    What you can do with a lack of sleep and a nice regenerating first level..
    I know someone will accuse me of cheating here, so I'll describe the strategy used in order to get this somewhat ridiculous score. I got bored at the end so just decided to finish the level.

    The third pipe in the first level is one of the typical Mario 'shortcut' types. When you stand on it and press the [down] key, it takes you to a different area. Kill all the guys there, take the coins and the flower/mushroom, exit the area, then head -LEFT-, going backwards through the level, collecting all bonuses and killing all enemies, until you get to the down-pipe again. Go down the pipe, and suddenly everything has regenerated, all the enemies are back, all the bonuses and coins have returned. Grab all the stuff, exit the pipe-area, head -LEFT- again, where you'll see that all the enemies, bonuses, coins, blocks, have regenerated.

    Repeat until you get bored or until you die. Do it enough times, and you'll barely die at all.

    As before, I can't upload the image due to firefox/mac issues, so here's the link to my new high score:
  • reagan says
    2nd woop woopp!!

  • Face says
    Can I not see all the pictures? I only see 8? What happens if there isnt 12 entries? Can we win more than one?
  • Chris says
  • Face says
    Last one

  • New Member says
    Clicked inside game and left mouse inside game. No luck. Screen jumped around like a bitch.
  • J.S says
    If you right click in one of the corners it doesn't jump around

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