Online Game: Indestructo Tank

You are but a single indestructable tank - against an army of thousands!

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  • 1234 says

  • Michael says

  • EarlyRiser says
    I suck!!

  • natedogg says
    %3Cbody%3E%3Cdiv%20id%3D%22adDiv%22%20style%3D%22position%3A%20absolute%3B%20top%3A%200%3B%20right%3A%200%3B%22%3E%3CA%20HREF%3D%22http%3A// Online Game: Indestructo Tank
  • Phoenix says
    60 something? Didn't print the screen but got the 60+ medal...

  • Jonathan says

  • Michael says
    91 :)

  • well I've haven't beaten 91 but at least I might be able to win the runner up prize

  • sorry you can't see my 87 so here it is but larger and I cut out some of the unnecessary stuff

  • Phoenix says

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