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I’m not sure why there is so much whining about Jack Reacher: Never Go Back being a formulaic and predictable film. Isn’t that a part of the enjoyment we expect to get in the Jack Reacher series?

If the trailer was not enough for critics and fans to put away their percentages book, it’s hard to figure out what will.  We always knew this film was going to have a no-nonsense main character, a lot of bad guys, plenty of action and a few ‘aha’ moments.

This time around, Reacher (Tom Cruise) finds himself in a perilous situation. Major Susan Turner, who he has been speaking with, is arrested for a crime which is wrongly attributed to her. After busting her out of a military prison, they go on the run, hunted by the government and a dangerous bounty hunter known, funnily enough as The Hunter.

While all this is happening, Reacher finds out that he may in fact be a father to a girl named Samantha, now a teenager and a bit of a trouble maker.

It’s hard to say much more without giving the whole movie away. So let me just say that Reacher and Turner find Samantha and the trio start hopping across the country.

This is a film where you expectations must be realistic. It’s an action thriller film and that’s what you must judge it by. All the main performances are pretty solid and you never feel like Director Edward Zwick deviates too far from Lee Child’s tried and trusted formula.

It’s a great watch, although Tom Cruise’s lack of height (Reacher is 6’5, Cruise is 5’7) means the film gets 3/5, rather than the 4/5 it probably would have gotten with a taller actor.

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