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With the likelihood of impending doom approaching the world in less than one week, I thought it would be fitting to weigh in on the current Presidential climate. Even though the U.S. are stuck with Trump and Hillary in what seems like a lose-lose situation, we decided to try lighten the mood by picking five more memorable political leaders from some of our favourite Films and TV Shows. How do you think they would have succeeded if given reign over The White House?

  1. Mayor Quimby – The Simpsons


The Simpsons is show that spans across generations; but one individual you can never count out is Mayor Quimby. Maybe he will pass legislation for a new and efficient garbage programme (with mob funding). Or perhaps he will be at Moe’s Tavern collecting bribes. You never know!

  1. Mayor Thomas “Tommy” Carcetti – The Wire

Image result for tommy carcetti the wire hi res

From the hit 2000’s TV show The Wire, Tommy Carcetti was a knight in shining armour for the city of Baltimore as a new political blood for the crime ridden city. He was young, ambitious and optimistic while taking a tough stance on crime. However, like many male political figures did succumb to the temptations of an affair whilst in office.

  1. Francis Underwood – House of Cards


Released in 2013, House of Cards has been a breakaway success due to Francis Underwood who is the master of political strategy and the game that is Washington Chess. The South Carolina Senator adds a level narcissism and ambition that draws us to Capitol Hill.

  1. Idi Amin – The Last King of Scotland


The Last King of Scotland is a 2006 drama based on the life of Ugandan dictator Idi Amin played by Oscar winner Forest Whittaker. Idi’s character is charming like many political figures, but also carries a dark and twisted nature along with a two faced desire for power.

  1. Mahatma Gandhi – Gandhi


In the 1982 classic, Ben Kingsley’s portrayal of Mahatma Gandhi was nothing short of spectacular. With an agenda that preached non-violence when India was struggling with attaining individual rule as a nation. Ghandi’s simple message of humanist values and desire for peace changed the history of a nation and became allowed him to become a symbol of peace throughout the world.

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