10 Questions with Jason Reeves

You'll hear the familiar voice of Jason Reeves hosting the Drive show on Coast each weekday. We caught up with him about how he looks after himself, his signature dish and what he gets up to when he's not on the airwaves. 

1.  What’s the best part about hosting the Drive show on Coast?

Apart from playing some awesome songs and hanging out with a truly wonderful team of workmates - it has to be the fact I get to interact with people all over New Zealand. Everyone has a story and I love that so many of them listen to the show, and take the time to call or text or contact me through the station's social media. We're all connected by & relating to some of the best songs that have ever been released. So many of the songs I'm lucky enough to play spark some incredible memories for lots of people.

2. What toy do your kids have that you enjoy playing with way too much?

ALL of them! We've got two boys, four and one, so everything from a Jake & The Pirates sword that lights up (I love telling stories in a silly pirate voice and using it to ‘enhance’ the story) to Duplo blocks, to a ukulele, to little golf clubs... my wife & I have even challenged each other to matches on their miniature air hockey after they've gone to bed!

3.  June is Men’s Health Month. What do you do to keep fit and healthy?

With two busy boys in the house, they keep me pretty active! We like to go out to parks and walk along the beach as often as we can. They've got bikes, scooters and often I'll be pushing the push chair on a sandy beach, or wearing a front pack with a toddler strapped to me, so I get to stay active in that regard. We try and eat healthy as a family, and our boys have food allergies so we're really careful about what we eat. I also see my doctor every few months to make sure I'm still all good, and actually last year I shouted myself a full check-up as a 40th birthday present, ha!

4.  When was the last time you went for a health check-up?

Every three months I get my blood pressure, liver, kidneys, cholesterol etc checked.

5.  What is your favourite thing about winter?

I'll be honest, I'm much more of a summer fan, but when you snuggle into bed and fall asleep to the sound of rain on the roof, that's pretty cool.

6.  What is your signature dish that ticks both the healthy and delicious box?

I'm not sure it ticks all the boxes, but I make an incredible Spag' Bol with Angus beef mince and loads of grated veggies all through it. I've even been ridiculed for having carrot in there, but when you taste it, you'll need your napkin to wipe away tears. Not because it has any spices in it ... but it's that good, you'll weep!  

7.  Who was the first artist or band you ever saw in concert?

Guns n’ Roses in 1993. They came to Auckland and Skid Row was their opening act. I was still at Karamu High in Hastings and my girlfriend & I got tickets for a "concert connection" bus from Hastings to Auckland, and we came back straight after the concert. It was a huge weekend! 

8.  How do you deal with stress?

I take a step back, take a deep breath and try and look at what's REALLY important and what's the ‘fluff’ I can let go of. I'm getting much better at that but it's taken a while! 

9.  When you need to escape the city, where is your favourite place to go?

Hawkes Bay! We're lucky that we live near Takapuna Beach so we try and wander it as often as we can, and that alone does wonders for the soul. But Mum & Dad still live in the Bay, and my sister, brother-in-law and nieces have a farm just on the outskirts of Hastings, so we try and get down as often as possible. You can't beat being ‘home’, and now we get to see our boys playing with their cousins and that's next level awesome!

10. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Like my Dad. He’s someone who loves his family and would do anything for anyone, and I thought, "that's the kind of guy I want to be". Career wise, I actually always wanted to be a radio announcer. I'm so lucky to be truly living the dream!

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